Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Ever since people started throwing the term “artificial intelligence” around like it is nothing more than an average concept, most individuals are failing to realize how much there is to this two-word innovation. Yes, many can probably define it as computers that know how to learn things and think like humans. This, however, is barely scratching the surface of the true implications of artificial intelligence. Below are some of the basics that can help those unfamiliar with the in-depth meaning of “computers that can learn and think”.


What is meant by learning?

First, when someone depicts artificial intelligence as an overall title for any system that can learn, they are thinking of all software that is able to create algorithms to parse data and adapt to its patterns. It is almost like the human body defending itself against a virus by creating antibodies. Once it happens, those antibodies will be much easier to access in the future and the virus will not be able to grow.


Why do people care about it so much?

Besides the fact that artificial intelligence and its capabilities are borderline scary, AI is estimated to contribute north of $15 trillion to the worldwide economy by 2030 according to a report issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers. If these numbers indeed come true, one could classify artificial intelligence as the number one economy booster in the history of mankind.


Do companies already use it?

They certainly do. One of the best examples of pioneers of this industry is Amazon’s smart speaker that comes with Alexa. This is not the only case, however, as there are many other customer success software options that use AI to an extent. For clarification, customer success includes a set of analytical procedures that discover what tools are popular with buyers.


A Famous Example

To better showcase how influential and impactful artificial intelligence truly is, one should consider the auto-manufacturing firm Tesla. This company proves that AI is not only used to increase UserIQ of smartphones or smart speakers. For those that may be unfamiliar, Tesla specializes in the creation of electric cars, energy storage, and solar panel manufacturing. It is most famous for its vehicles that are getting closer to driverless operating. This has been achieved by utilizing AI to predict what might happen on the road. As a consequence, some of the latest models are able to drive themselves within the lines and slow down in case of an imminent danger.


What does the future hold?

Although these changes are underway, artificial intelligence is almost guaranteed to show its true potential sometime in the future. Going back to the example of Tesla, one can expect to see automated transportation become the most common way of getting around. That means that smaller vehicles will be eligible to drive without someone behind the steering wheel. Also, what might be the most beneficial use of AI is tackling dangerous jobs. For example, people who are specialized in defusing bombs might be getting replaced with robots that have capabilities of full comprehension.


Might Even Become Buddies

Since the purpose of artificial intelligence is to enable a device to “artificially” think, humans might soon find themselves surrounded by robot friends. One of the perks of software that is able to create and vocalize original thoughts is that other people can use them for ideas. This would also be an enormous improvement in the industries like elderly care where a lot of folks are suffering because of a lack of human interaction. Not to mention how interesting it might be to have a sidekick that can do solve any mathematical problem that is thrown their way!